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a game grumps fanfiction by seab age 23

it was a cool winters afternoon as arin sat alone in the grump room. jon had just left earlier that day for the airport he was travelling to the east coast for a trip or something, i dont know he said in game grumps today he was gonna be on the east coast in January…

so anyway this meant arin would be without his grump buddy for quite some time and he was severely depressed 

“i wish i was playing VIDEO GAAAAAMES!!!!!!!!!!!” arein yelled

Just then suzy cautiously antered the room

“baby?? Are you ok??” she asked

“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” said arin and began throwing shit around the rmoom like a 3 years old baby haveing a temper tantrum. he lays down on his belly and bangs his his bunched up fists against the ground and screams

“sweetie please calm down” said suzy “its going to be ok jon will be back before you even know it”

arin wouldn’t listen and continued to cry on the floor. suzy thought for a second and suggested 

“maybe you could spend the time working on one of ur egioraptor videos while hes gone???”

arin did nto like this idea and refused


he sat down on the ground with his legs and arms crossed and pouted with a grumpy gface

mneanwehile barry was watching this whole thing from the window

barry sometimes known as “the third grump” forever lived in jontrons shadow wanting so much to be friends with arn just like jon and do hgaem gumops together even just one time!! he would often lay awake at night dreaming of being the one to say “im not so gruimp” in the opening sequence he has to stick onto the end of every video he edits each day

he stared through the window for a long time before closing his eyes as a thought bubble appeared above his head showing himself and arin laughing and play video hames together instead of jon

he opened his eyes and said determinedly “nows my chance” and began trying to open the window so he could climb inside

just then the front door swung open to reveal the silhouette of jon standing there with all his bags, and its snowing behind him for some reason even tho it doesn’t snow in califnoria, and like a gust of wind and snow blows in from behind him as he stand there with tears welled up in his eyes

“I COULDNT DO IT ARIN” he cried “I COULDNT LEAVE YOU”, dropping all his bags on the floor opening his arms for a hug


“OH JON” arin smiled as he ran into jons open arms, sparkly tears flying from both of their eyes like in those animes you see sometimes

After like a long 15 second hug or something they looked into each others eyes

“hey im grump??” arin said hopefully

Jon smiled and replied “im not so grump”

And they playec video games long into the night as suzy unsuccessfully tried to sleep in the next room 

and they all lived happily ever after except barry who never did manage to get inside and just continued to watch them wistfully through the window a single tear rolling down his cheek

“someday” he thought


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